Thursday, October 22, 2009

live and steps

well, i made it to the live tourny i halfass mentioned in my last entry and i faired well. both wth playing and the 'getting around/card handling'. i finished 9th outta 54. made it to the final table. went out with A5s vs 'i forget' at about the 3rd or 4th hand of the first round..

i shoulda posted soon as i got home cuzi had went over the details all the drive home.

i was short stack to start with and blinds were going up pretty quick. i think they were 400/800 when i made my allin move(2100tc) and they would be 600/1200 with me in the bb wthin in the next cpl hands.

one caller. dont recall his hand nor if i was better off. bot ii dink i turned a flush only to see him spike his boat on the river. johns out.

was fun. i got a koozie and a key chain for showing up. got a photo album when they drew my name fer a door prize.

top 2 pizes were really nice poker chip sets. basically the same cept one was in a metal box the other wood or plastic, not sure.

i had a huge bottle of water and used that to hide my cards when i peeked at them.
dealers were there soo i didnt have to worry about shuffling.

it was a fun experience.

steps - well instead of trying to come up with witty words, ill use cut and paste, or u can click the link, if i did it right. feel free to use my name if your joining absolute fer da 1st time. SLAYRE

Here's The Deal
For just 10 cents, you can win:

A WTP Foxwoods Prize Package - Step up your game and win your way to the luxurious Foxwoods Resort Casino, where you'll participate in the legendary World Poker Tour. Our $12,000 Prize Package includes enough cash for your $10,000 entry into the WTP Foxwoods Main Event, accommodations, and travel.

Enter STEP 1 for $0.10 and keep winning your way to the next STEP by finishing in the top two places of each STEP. Conquer the 10th STEP to win your $12K Main Event Prize Package. You can also take a detour by playing STEP 7a to qualify for our Sunday Super Satellite.

What is a STEP tournament?
A STEP tournament is a type of Sit-n-Go that allows you to win your seat in major land-based events for a significantly low buy-in. Absolute Poker offers 10 STEP tournaments, with the final STEP featuring the big prize. Players advance from one STEP to the next by finishing first in a STEP. Players who don't finish first or second but still rank high enough will be invited to replay the STEP.

How does it work?
Each STEP tournament series consists of 10 STEPS, or 10 individual Sit-n-Go tournaments. The buy-in for the first STEP is $0.10. As the STEPS advance, the buy-ins increase.

How do I move through each STEP?
First two winners of STEP 1 advances to STEP 2 without having to buy in. The first two winners of STEP 2 advances to STEP 3, and so on. This goes on until STEP 10 where the winner secures the final land-based tournament package.

What's this about trying again?
If you don't finish first in a STEP, it's not necessarily game over. STEP tournaments give players the opportunity to replay a STEP, depending on how they finish in a tournament. That means as long as you can finish high enough, you can still hang on to fight another day and conquer your way to the next STEP.

Can I enter a STEP tournament at any STEP?
Yes. However, you'll have to buy directly in with cash. The only way to secure your spot in a STEP tournament for free is by advancing from a previous STEP.

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