Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Still don't feel like playing..

...so, I only bought into 1(one) SNG on UB....10+1... am happy to report, I won that sucker... after so many bubbles and suckouts..... it surely felt good.. oh hell, it felt damn good... hell..fucking wonderfully good..... I signed off after that 1(one) tourney... happy with my $39 for 55 minutes of play....

While I was doing that.. I accidently signed up for an O8 freeroll on Absolute... I tried to play two hands.... bowed out.....

I also got another $150 or so wagered on Starluck ( bonus hunting stuff ), at a cost of only 2 dollars.... I hit, quad jacks.... paid off pretty good..... didn't get anything after that... and lost all that I had won, plus 2 dollars.... still, its the wagering to $1600 that is my goal, and I've only got about $650 to go.... prolly end up with lil to nothing as a bonus tho.... but, so far, its been fun... so.. that is cool...

Here is the hand from the UB tourney that won it for me....

Started at 08/Mar/05 19:13:23

phasevar is at seat 2 with 2505.
Slayre is at seat 4 with 7495.
The button is at seat 4.

Slayre posts the small blind of 100.
phasevar posts the big blind of 200.

phasevar: -- --
Slayre: 8c Jh


Slayre calls. phasevar checks.

Flop (board: Js Th 9s):

phasevar bets 400. Slayre calls.

Turn (board: Js Th 9s 2d):

phasevar bets 1200. Slayre calls.

River (board: Js Th 9s 2d As):

phasevar goes all-in for 705. Slayre calls.

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

phasevar shows Ts 5h.
Slayre shows 8c Jh.

phasevar has Ts Js Th 9s As: a pair of tens.
Slayre has Jh Js Th 9s As: a pair of jacks.

Hand #4799949-125 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
Slayre wins 5010 with a pair of jacks.

Now I am going to bed, early, it is only 6:25... but, I deserve it, cuz, I worked hard laying a tile floor over this last weekend.... first time I ever did that... don't be expecting to do it again anytime soon eithre.....floor sure looks good tho...

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MrGoss said...

I feel your pain slayre. Been on the losing streak from hell myself lately. Got so upset getting knocked out "on the bubble" in a 20+2 SNG on Bodog two days ago that I deleted the program from my computer. Now I have to REALLY want to play to log on. Good to see you followed your streak up with a win and also happy to hear that your floor turned out well. Good luck.