Friday, May 20, 2005

One for the money, two for the show..

three to get ready, now go cat go!

The Poker Gods have introduced me to yet another method of 'losing' money. I say 'losing' tentatively, as technically, it was not a loss..

I have been slowly rebuilding my bankroll, play no more than 4 $2 SNG's everyy other night...yesterday, after work.. I started up two games but before the final outcome, I lost connection to Absolute..I still had an internet connect, just could not do anything past my ISP.. so, there goes $4.50.. not much a person can do.

Wait about 3 hours... messed around on the internet some, since it appeared to be working again.. started up two more games... same thing... another $4.50 gone..

Oh well, what can you do... I called my ISP and they were experience unkown issues sporadically in random areas of thier service areas.... hmmmm....

Anyone see CSI last night whoa!


Madroxxx said...

I'd say that you are a time warner road runner customer, becuase the same think happened to me during a $30 buy in tourney last night.

What a pisser.

Slayre said...

You would be correct.