Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Volunteer Event Part IV

Part I, Part II, Part III
Before I begin what I hope to be my final installment relating my somewhat exciting trip to Sulphur Springs, as a volunteer for the State of Texas, let me share with you 2 other items of interest, of interest to only me, I'm sure.. heh

1) I believe I have accidently stumbled across the most hilarious reality tv program ever.... It is on the E! network, and it is called Filthy Rich:Cattle Drive.

2) Remember that pic of my lil Junebug? Well, here is her lil sister, my lil 'Lady Bug', on her first birthday ( morning ).

I met several people, mostly nice, mostly elderly, and mostly just as bored as I was.

Lunch was a sack lunch, with ham or turkey sandwiches.. they had PB&J for the kids.

Only the 'patients' got a T-Shirt, so, since I was a 'worker', I had to make my way over to the T-Shirt depot, and 'steal', myself one... it is a nice maroon color with white letters on the front spelling.. WMD EXERCISE.. anyone want to guess what WMD stands for?

Sulphur Springs is a small town and all I saw of it was the inside of the Civic Center. Apparently, there was a Dairy Museum nearby, but, there was no time to visit.. SS is a tad bit north, and somewhat more east of Dallas.. ( I'm in Austin ).

Once it was all over, all we got was a thank you.. no key chains, no postcards, no pens, just a stolen t-shirt for me... and ofcourse, the experience, and the meeting of all the great people.. I had particular fun meeting al lthe kids that came thru my station.. nothing like acting silly just to make a kid smile.... :) The 'caterers', my guess is they were paid in advance, had us grab as many sack lunches as we wanted, for our return trip home.. I grabbed 3. 1 turkey, 1 ham, plus a PB&J, as I figured it would have a better desert than the adult sacks.. I was right! Hostess Cup Cakes!!!! adults were eithre a fig bar, or a small bag of dried fruit pieces. not bad, but, i figured i deserved some chocolate.

I pretty much slept the entire trip back, cept for a dinner break, and only had to use the restroom once.. they fixed the light.. it turns on once the door is locked.....

Got back rather late and I had a hard time waking up. Ended up about an hour late for work.

Thats it.. A rather dismal ending to what was actually a pretty fun trip... I'll try to do better once the WPBT:Austin event is over... :)


MrGoss said...

Did you get to see the GREAT BIG longhorn replicas outside the dairy museum? Those things are HUGE!!!

ScottMcM said...

I am addicted to cattle drive!

Slayre said...

I missed the replicas.... :(

I think the funny thing about that show, to me anyway, is that, their peers, ie, their friends who are prolly also 'filthy rich', they prolly think the show is a drama.... heh.