Saturday, December 17, 2005

And the crowd goes wild..

I can't remember the last time I made a final table, online... then it occurred to me.. I just haven't played all that much these last couple months...

I was tooling around the different sites I have icons for, pretty much just making sure they all had the latest updates and whatnot.. and found myself joining a freeroll on PokerHost...

Tournament Name: 10:00.PM Cash Freeroll

Total Prize Pool: $6.60 (2 Re-buys at $2.20 and 1 Addons at $2.20)

Total Players: 659

Tournament Completed: 2005/12/18 01:13:59

Tournament Cost: $0 / $0

Tournament Results:

1st: player: ithurtsme2 - $14 prize awarded
2nd: player: DR Hustla - $8.50 prize awarded
3rd: player: d RoCk'z GirL - $6 prize awarded
4th: player: bdog66 - $5 prize awarded
5th: player: BigFrank - $4 prize awarded
6th: player: janyce - $3.50 prize awarded
7th: player: slayre - $3 prize awarded
8th: player: XShortKidX - $2.50 prize awarded
9th: player: sandman2 - $2 prize awarded
10th: player: raised2call - $1.50 prize awarded

So, yay me..... now I can play thier micro limits and see how long it takes to get my junk kicked......


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