Tuesday, September 05, 2006

pokerdome and three's

playing some cash games on absolute, trying to clear a bonus... tedious... not worth it, but, was bored...

AA on the button, folded to me, I decide the .35 cents in the pot from the blinds is enuff, and I raise to $1.75. I play like a rock during these occasional bonus clearing attempts.. so, there was no reason for them to believe I had anything less than AKs.

The BB calls.. he has 19 bucks in front of him.. I have 52 bucks. the flop comes

AKQ rainbow.. he bets 4 dollars... I raise 6, and he goes all in for this 15 remaining dollars.. hmmm

He had no reason to call the pf raise with a JT, and he had no reason to bet out from the flop with a JT.. so, I put him on a straight draw, or two pair.. and I call.

He turns over 33.. you would think I am way out ahead... turn is 3, river is 3..

I'm down 20 bucks..


Still trying to get to the pokerdome, albiet, not as enthusiastically as pre 'rear ended by 18-wheeler ' days.. got into top 100 yesterday, before my KK was beat by AJ, ( Ace on Flop ) and then AA taken down by AK (KK on flop)... went from 6th in chips to about 40th or so... AKs in BB, maniac in MP is ALL IN for twice as much as I have, ( his 30k to my 15k ) folded to me, and I call... he flips 86s, and wins with a flush...

I did win both SNG's I played tho.. $4.50 each..

Seems like the better I get at this game, the luckier the stupid people get...

I read somewhere it was supposed to be like that.......